DIY Website for Business? Call A Pro; They’re Not Just Winging It

frustrated woman at computerA significant change that we’ve seen over the years is that every company, organization, government entity, and even political candidate needs a website, but no one wants to properly staff for it. This leads to a lot of frustrated administrators struggling with a DIY website – which is never the best solution for your business.

Assigning Tasks To The Right People

Even without specialized staff, one of the perks of being “the boss” is the ability to come up with great ideas and then task your administrative staff with accomplishing them. But what happens when the task at hand is actually something that requires a technical skill level beyond their capabilities? This can leave Executive Assistants and Office Managers extremely stressed as they struggle to find the best solution to get the job done. Oftentimes, these struggles are the most prevalent in the area of web design and development.

Web Developers Have Highly Technical Skills

The fact is, web designers and developers are professionals who have had years of education and experience. The technical skill sets needed to do the job well, are simply not possessed by your average administrator. The frequency of changes in the digital world, especially in web design and search engine optimization (SEO is a story for another day), is tricky to keep up with and what was once the case three years ago may not be today – and how would they know that?

It may not have even occurred to you that your assistant might tackle a DIY website on his or her own or that hiring out is actually more cost-effective and will yield a much higher quality product than an associate just winging it. You’ve had a great idea so instead of having your internal staff begin to spend infinite hours researching the do’s, don’ts, and how-to’s of modern websites (and that’s before the build even begins) have them hire a professional.

They will be able to move forward with the website build confidently and ultimately deliver a high-quality product while still being the internal rockstar who got it done.

Dump The DIY Website – Know When To Hire It Out

search engine optimization strategyIt’s important to know what to look out for internally that indicates a need to hire out design work. If you overhear your personnel saying that they are doing research on “how to build a website”, “what is web hosting”, “do I need SEO”, or asking “hey, what keywords do you think I should use”? This person needs help. And let’s be honest, this person is taking a stab at a DIY website! Would you hire someone to fix your car who was just taking a stab at it?

Ask this person to coordinate the efforts of a professional company and to start by getting a few proposed solutions and quotes. As they tell you all the confusing details about various coding languages versus content management systems, you’ll be glad that they aren’t the one building your company’s website.

If you’re unsure as to whether or not you even need a new website, this will get you started.