About Malachi Witt

15 years of diverse experience working in software development has exposed me to various industries, business models, challenges, and IT solutions. Experience combined with creative skills and "Big Picture" thinking allows me to bring added value through visionary and strategic solutions to our customer's projects.

Planning a Marketing Campaign


Planning a Marketing Campaign Welcome to Planning a Marketing Campaign! (script from a presentation to the Rocky River Chamber of Commerce) My name is [...]

Planning a Marketing Campaign2021-06-02T21:02:05-04:00

Tableau On Ubuntu 16.04 / MySQL Connector


myodbc-installer: error while loading shared libraries: libodbc.so.2: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory Tableau on Ubuntu 16.04 is not much of an issue until [...]

Tableau On Ubuntu 16.04 / MySQL Connector2019-05-22T15:52:51-04:00
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