Get ready to impress with new marketing collateral, event programs, or business cards with Pixel Power’s graphic design services. Not only that, we take care of paper selection and printing and deliver right to your door. Because image is everything, we want to make sure you look your best. Whatever you need, we’ve got you covered!

Business Cards
example brochure graphic design


Promote your business, organization, or event with all new marketing collateral. As time passes, eventually your company will need a brand refresh or to rebrand altogether. You want to inspire people, but if your brand looks dated, customers will often hire a company that appears to be more with the times. Updated designs for flyer distribution, event programs, and mailings are a great way to better represent who your company is today!



Custom designed apparel and giveaways always turn heads! We’ll work with you to create a graphic design that can be printed on giveaways such as t-shirts and hats! Have an event coming up? Make sure that you’re ready with custom apparel to remember the day because everyone loves a t-shirt!

Bookmarks - graphic design for giveaways
tshirt with logo