Amplify Talent Solutions Website Revamp

Amplify Talent Solutions Website Revamp

Amplify Talent Solutions website opened on monitors on top of a desk

The new website for Amplify Talent Solutions stands as a testament to our collaborative effort and Martha’s vision. With Pixel Power’s adept handling, the website has been elevated to a new level, offering a powerful tool for showcasing Amplify Talent Solutions’ expertise and attracting the right clientele.

Project Tasks
  • Strategic Content Creation and Revitalization

    Led by Erica Larson, our content creation team worked closely with Martha to thoroughly understand Amplify Talent Solutions' services and values. We revitalized the website content to resonate more effectively with the target audience, focusing on their needs and aspirations.

  • Branding Consistency Enhancement

    Amplify Talent Solutions' existing branding elements, including the logo, colors, and fonts, were carefully integrated into the website design. This strategic approach ensured brand consistency, fostering recognition and trust among visitors.

  • Inclusive Workforce Imagery Selection

    To reflect the inclusive ethos of Amplify Talent Solutions, diverse workforce imagery was selected and incorporated. This visual representation aligned with Martha's values and business message, enhancing the website's appeal to a broad audience.

  • Client Testimonials and Success Stories Integration

    We showcased an array of client testimonials and successful placements, strategically positioning them on the website. This step was crucial in building credibility and demonstrating Amplify Talent Solutions' impact in the executive search industry.

Project Details

Our collaboration with Martha Janssen, President and Founder of Amplify Talent Solutions, exemplifies Pixel Power's expertise in transforming and modernizing digital platforms. Tasked with the challenge of overhauling an outdated website, we aimed to create an online presence that not only showcased Martha's expertise in executive search and talent acquisition but also actively engaged and attracted her target audience.

  • “I needed a new website for my business. I had not updated mine for years and it was in Wix. I interviewed several firms and chose Erica because she really listened to what I needed and wanted. I am so glad that I did. It was such a great process. She helped me think through my content and gave me great ideas about what my customers were really going to pay attention to and respond. In the end, I have a great website that elevates my brand to a whole other level. Highly recommend the Pixel Power team!”

    Martha Smith Janssen, owner of Amplify Talent Solutions

    Martha Smith Janssen

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