Plugin Development, Website Copy, and Design for NAWIC

Plugin Development, Website Copy, and Design for NAWIC

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The first phase involved a comprehensive website content review. We meticulously evaluated over 100 web pages, 62 blog posts, and 6 articles to reshape the website’s content strategy. Our approach was centered on transforming the existing brand-centric copy into customer-centric narratives, aiming to forge a deeper connection with the site’s visitors and evoke an emotional response that encourages membership inquiries and engagement.

Project Tasks

  • Website Content Review and Strategy Development

    We performed an extensive review of NAWIC’s current website content, focusing on improving menu structures, consolidating content, and revising the tone of voice. This foundational work set the stage for a strategic overhaul in line with NAWIC’s goals and audience needs.

  • Customer-Centric Content Writing

    The second phase entailed rewriting the website’s text, targeting two distinct audiences: potential members and existing members. We crafted engaging, SEO-structured content, ensuring that all material was accessible and resonated with the target audiences. This task also involved close collaboration with NAWIC’s staff to integrate additional information and insights into the content.

  • MemberSuite WordPress Single Sign-On (SSO) Integration

    The final phase of the project focused on technical integration. We developed a WordPress plugin to facilitate SSO with MemberSuite, allowing NAWIC members to seamlessly access exclusive content. This included setting up a membership user group and configuring access control for membership pages and menus, ensuring a personalized and secure experience for each user group.

  • Access Control and User Experience Enhancement

    Alongside the SSO integration, we implemented a user administration plugin to control access to membership content. This system ensured that logged-in members could exclusively view membership content, while potential members encountered no roadblocks in accessing public information. This dual approach significantly enhanced the overall user experience on the NAWIC website.

Project Details

In today's digital landscape, organizations often grapple with the challenge of creating a website that speaks equally to different audiences. For the National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC), this meant developing a platform that resonated with both existing members and potential new ones. Enter Pixel Power: our mission was to transform NAWIC's online presence into an engaging, dual-faceted experience. We embarked on a strategic journey to revamp their website, focusing on delivering content that not only appealed to each audience segment but also embodied the spirit of inclusivity and community that NAWIC stands for. This project was about more than just a website overhaul; it was about creating a digital space where every visitor felt acknowledged and valued.

  • “I want to thank you for all the hard work you and your team have done to create a professional and usable website for us…our members will be pleasantly surprised at how beautiful the site looks and the ease of use.”

    Karen Hager, 2023-2024 President of NAWIC, the National Association of Women in Construction

    Karen Hager

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