Green Hosting and Web Design for Venture Forward Strategies

Green Hosting and Web Design for Venture Forward Strategies

Venture Forward Strategies website

The new website mirrors the firm’s dedication to environmental responsibility and showcases their expertise in the field. Aligning with their sustainable ethos, we selected Viridio, an eco-conscious green hosting company, to minimize the website’s environmental impact. This choice not only supports their commitment to sustainability but also ensures optimal site performance and reliability, reinforcing their position as an environmentally responsible business.

Project Tasks
  • Website Design

    In redesigning their website, we prioritized a user-friendly, modern interface with intuitive navigation for clients seeking information on sustainable solutions. The design features sustainability-themed visuals, aligning with their mission. Interactive elements like blogs and client testimonials enhance user engagement. The site, built on an easily manageable framework, allows their team to update content independently, maintaining freshness and relevance. By adhering to SEO best practices, the site not only embodies their mission and values but also improves visibility for those seeking sustainable consulting services, establishing Venture Forward Strategies as a leader in their field.

  • Green Hosting: Powered by Solar

    Our decision to use Viridio for hosting aligns with the company's values of sustainability. Viridio, a pioneer in green hosting practices since the early 2000s, demonstrates a commitment to being the greenest in the industry. Their Eco Hosting not only benefits the environment but also offers features that ensure high performance and reliability for the website, reflecting the firm's commitment to sustainability and technological excellence.

Project Details

Owners of an environmental consulting firm, Venture Forward Strategies, approached Pixel Power when they were ready to elevate their website beyond the capabilities of standard website builders like Squarespace and Wix. While these platforms offered ease of use with their drag-and-drop interfaces, perfect for beginners, they soon became limiting as the business grew. The transition to a WordPress site, facilitated by us, opened doors to advanced features such as enhanced SEO tools, customizable plugins, and dynamic content management, essential for their evolving business needs. This move offered the scalability and customization they needed to more effectively engage with their expanding audience and support their growing business.

  • “Thanks to Erica Larson of Pixel Power for the website design. This network is filled with many talents!”

    Victoria Avi and Danielle Doza of Venture Forward Strategies

    Victoria Avi and Danielle Doza

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