Revitalized Website for Sustainable Economies Consulting

Revitalized Website for Sustainable Economies Consulting

Sustainable Economies Consulting website

Sustainable Economies Consulting, a leader in creating harmonious solutions for nature and communities, collaborated with Pixel Power to evolve their website to one that excels in both form and function. This transition highlights a sophisticated online presence, marrying professional design with compelling content, to authentically convey the company’s vision and array of services.


Project Tasks

  • Site Analysis

    A thorough analysis of the existing website identified critical areas needing enhancement. This vital step ensured that the redevelopment aligned seamlessly with Sustainable Economies Consulting's vision, setting a roadmap for a site that met its objectives with precision and clarity.

  • Revitalized Content

    The content focused on adopting a tone that is both engaging and professional, telling a story that resonates with the audience and mirrors the firm's expertise in balancing economic and environmental considerations. This narrative repositioning was key to reflecting their unique approach to sustainable project management.

  • Updated Brand Identity

    The visual elements of the website, including photography, videos, and color schemes, underwent a significant update. The company's logo was refreshed to modernize and elevate the brand's image, maintaining consistency while enhancing visual impact and aligning with the firm's evolving identity.

  • Execution and Launch

    The launch of the redesigned website was meticulously handled, involving thorough testing and post-launch monitoring. This ensured that the website not only met but exceeded client and user expectations in functionality and design, providing an optimal online experience.

Project Details

When Sustainable Economies Consulting sought to elevate their online presence, they required a website that not only excelled aesthetically but also functioned optimally. Understanding their need for a platform that clearly communicates their commitment to integrating economic insights with environmental sustainability, Pixel Power was tasked with creating a user-friendly and highly functional digital experience. This project centered around designing a website that not only looks impressive but also effectively conveys the firm's unique approach to harmonious solutions for nature and communities.

  • “Pixel Power turned my website from a confusing, unengaging website to a next-level, professional website. While I was always told my old website was beautiful, that doesn’t help if it isn’t functional. Now – thanks to Pixel Power – my website is functional and beautiful. I also really wanted to be sure the new website didn’t look like DIY job. They definitely met that goal, and also impressed me by really getting to know my business and the services I offer.”

    Elizabeth Schuster of Sustainable Economies Consulting

    Elizabeth Schuster

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